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I was just reading this blog post from Karen about Interactive Whiteboards and it got me thinking… sometimes we really don’t know the value of the technology available to us!

Karen talks about how she didn’t realise the things you could do on the Interactive Whiteboard. I had an Interactive Whiteboard in my prac classroom and I realised the other day that I really didn’t use it to its fullest. I know that you can write over a document with the IWB, and do so many more amazing things, but I found myself simply using it as a projector. I forgot what it was capable of doing and so I just wandered along, using it as a projector, not even thinking twice about what I was doing. Until in my last week of prac, I saw a different teacher WRITE on her IWB!! Oh my goodness! What a radical idea!!! I had completely forgotten what it cold be used for and so wasted a whole heap of opportunities to try new things and use the IWB to its fullest potential.

At least now I know what I’ve done… hopefully my next prac with have an IWB that I can use!