My arc teacher for this prac is also the LOTE teacher for the school. She teaches Indonesian to Grade 4-7. It works quite well because she teaches a different grade everyday from 9:00 to 10:30 (2 classes in that time) while someone else takes her class for Maths. It’s been fun because I’ve been able to learn some Indonesian too!

In her lessons she follows units that have PowerPoints with voice recordings of all the words. She also uses a few different websites that have games to teach simple language in Indonesian. However, when we were looking at one of these websites today we realised that included in the option of languages (Indonesian, French, German etc.) one of the options was ESL for Beginners!!

So this website can actually been used for ESL students to learn English and get some of the basic language down pat as they start at school.

I think it is a great website to teach different languages as well as teach English to ESL students in a fun and interactive way.

Click here to view the website Languages Online