Hi everyone! I wanted to share a blog post I saw recently on the Panicked Teacher Blog. She talks about these help tickets she created to allow her students to ask for hep when they need it in a specific way. If students are having trouble with their homework or a concept, they can fill in a help ticket and staple it to their work. The student then puts the work in a special box that the teacher often looks in. Through this system, the teacher then knows who needs help on a specific topic and can organise times to catch the student and go over the info again.

I think it is a great way to get kids to ask for help. It doesn’t stop the flow of the lesson with many questions and repetition but still lets the teacher know who does not understand and still needs help. I really like it! I would like to do something similar in my future classroom. Having a way for students to ask for help is a great thing to have.

Click here to view the post and download the help tickets for free!

help tickets