I love reading. I love reading a lot! And if it was up to me I would make all my students love to read too. But it’s a tricky thing to do. I know that so many people do not like to read and often that comes from their experiences in school. I want to be a teacher who instills a love of reading in my students and shows them how wonderful it can be to read things you are actually interested in!

I was reading this article today called 10 Reasons Nonreaders Don’t Read – And How To Change Their Minds. It was vey interesting and had some great points of why students don’t like to read. Such as, they get embarrassed when told to read in front of the class, they can’t read as fast as their peers, they have no interest in what they have to read, and they don’t comprehend and understand what they are reading. These are all really valid reasons to not like reading. I was lucky growing up to be a fast reader and to have a strong mental visual picture of the characters in the book.

But so many kids don’t love reading because they are too slow or they are not understanding. I want to help those students to be capable of reading to the best of their ability and knowing that their best is good enough for me too.

All the strategies in this article to get kids reading are really good and I can’t wait to have my own class so that I can encourage them to read and let them read from where they are.