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Well hey there! I know I’m behind but I’ve just been working through the Week 5 work and came across the Australian Curriculum Lessons that David put up. I’ve only had a quick look but it looks super great! I love that it is all specific Australian lesson plans for the Australian Curriculum. In searching on Google, so many lesson plans and unit ideas are American and while they often have some good ideas, it’s just not quite as helpful. This website, however, is full of Aussie lesson plans for our curriculum. It’s all sorted into subjects and grade levels. I think it will be very helpful!

Talking about lesson plan ideas and resources… one of my friends introduced me to this great website a few years ago called Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s a site where teachers can sell their lesson or unit plans for free or a set price. I have found it very useful when I’m teaching to just go on there and search for the topic I’m doing just to have a look at what they are doing. I have only ever downloaded free resources or looked at the priced ones for the ideas. But it is really handy! It is very American based though, so not necessarily what is relevant to me, but still good! 

Another place where I get many different ideas and resource is Pinterest!! If you search for the right things and follow the right boards people come up with some wonderful things! I really love Pinterest and I love searching for classroom ideas and resources for my lessons. It’s a great way to get a quick idea of what you could do for a topic. Very helpful!!!