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I read this article this morning called “Can Students “Go Deeper” with Digital Reading?” and it was very interesting. It’s talking about the advantages and disadvantages of using digital copies of books on iPads or Chromebooks. The author Holly Korbey, talks about how it is spatially easier for students to read print books and turn the pages back and forth. It is also easier to write notes, either in the book or on sticky notes. She discussed how the iPad and Chromebook programs are much ore difficult for users to write notes and annotations on the pages. 

I definitely agree that print books can be better, however, I think that in the next few years as iPads and Chromebooks become more popular and the progress are improved to allow for better use, they could definitely take over as the new book. It would definitely save paper if we use iPads and all our notes would be in the one place. I think it’s just something we have to wait and see about. I personally prefer to use paper ad pen, and write all over my textbooks 🙂 

What do you guys think of this? Do you prefer print books or iPads? What do you think will happen in the future? Let me know!