Now I know I’m majorly behind, but I just read the article from Week 5 about the Canadian teacher who incorporated ICTs in a very meaningful and relevant way. I love how the teacher used a skill and a dream her students had and turned it into something so big. Especially for kids with special needs, it is so important to find something that they are good at and focus on that. It can make their whole school experience so much more enjoyable if they are allowed to spend time doing the things they love. For these students, they loved writing and illustrating so the teacher found a way for them to write and illustrate a book. 

I really love how the teacher then got everyone involved and made it a whole school thing. It really helped all the students to feel involved in creating books across all grade levels. And creating books is something that everyone can do. Whether they are in lower primary and can write simple words and draw pictures, or in the higher grades where they can create bigger works of writing and illustrate. 

My dad is a teacher and he has done something similar to this in a Grade 8 English class. They were looking at poetry and particularly at the Psalms in the Bible. So individually and in groups the students rewrote some Psalms in a modern Australian context. Once they had completed and edited their Psalms, my dad published them in a class book using Many of the kids bought a copy and they have one in the school library now too. It was such a great project because the students had a real reason to create their Psalms and then share them with others as a proper published book. So cool!