So the other day I was talking about this new website I heard about called Yesterday we used the website in Grade 4 and it was so much fun! Once we had watched the tutorial video, it was really easy to use and the kids picked it up well. They had a great time playing on the website and creating short animations. 

I really liked this website because it was easy to use and the kids could draw their own pictures, use pictures and backgrounds from the site, add text and create up to 100 frames. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t save the animation and come back to it later. To save the animation, it is exported and can’t be edited anymore. It’s saved as a .gif and can then be opened through the internet where it will play in one of 3 different sizes. 

Other than the saving problem, I really liked this website for kids and would recommend it to anyone wanting to create simple and easy animations with kids. 

abcya animate