One of the problems I have found and that others have found is how to organise all the awesome links and websites and ideas in one place for easy access. I have found this hard through my 3 years of uni so far and I don’t see it becoming any easier without some help and good ideas!

I have a teacher friend who recommended I put all my craft activities I have done (for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas etc) in a big binder. This way I can store all my examples in one spot and I can quickly look through them all to find the one I want to do with my kids. I really like this idea but to be honest I have never gotten around to doing it… the time factor is a bit of an issue! Although I do know it will be worth it in the end.

A way to organise my online resources… Often there are so many great blogs and websites full of classroom ideas and lesson ideas that I really want to save. Through this course I have learnt about Diigo, a great site for saving websites in one place. I can also add tags to find them easily.

One of my favourite ways to keep all my teaching ideas together is Pinterest 🙂 I have found some super amazing ideas on Pinterest that I have used on prac and with all sorts of groups of children I work with. It’s a great resource and a great way to organise everything in the one place.

One last idea is this blog! I have made a page for resources… for things that I think will be helpful for me to save and look over again in the future.

I think it is helpful to have online places for storing resources. In the past I have just written down a website in my notebook for that particular course. I think with my ideas here it’s nice to have some online spots but to also have hard copies of some ideas. Especially when it’s things I have made or seen other people make. It makes more sense to keep a hard copy. It also means I don’t have to remake it for an example, I can simply pull it out of the folder.