Okay so I just found another blog post by Love, Teach on a different website. This one is called We Are Teachers and it’s pretty awesome! They have guest bloggers and posts about everything from back-to-school bargains to classroom ideas to children’s books to anything you can imagine! SO COOL!!! 

So this post is titled “Don’t Be Like Me: 5 Giant Mistakes I Made My First Year of Teaching”. It’s so good. Her 5 mistakes were…

1. I didn’t ask for help

2. I was afraid to be firm with my students

3. I didn’t know it was okay to leave my to-do list unfinished at the end of the day

4. I spent way too much money

5. I worried too much


One of the things I really like about Love, Teach is her honesty. She can say that she messed up a lot in her first year of teaching and own her mistakes. I really like that 🙂 It makes me feel better about becoming a teacher and will make me feel better when I make similar mistakes. From her list, I think the one that I can relate to will be about not asking for help. Sometimes I am shy and I hate asking people for help. Especially when everyone seems so busy and doesn’t seem to have any time for helping me. However, I gotta remember that teachers are lovely people! They teach and help people all day long… surely they have a few minutes to help me out too! I need to remember that… all the time. Even when I’m out on prac. It’s good to know that I have a teacher who I can ask for help. I guess as a prac student I can ask for help from my mentor teacher all the time! If I need help to prepare a lesson, or find an activity, or with time management, or behaviour management. That’s definitely something I love about prac 🙂