Being a first year teacher really freaks me out! I am graduating next year and I feel like I am no where near being ready to teach my own class! Yes I’m excited to teach and have my own room and stuff… but I am so not feeling prepared to actually stand in front of a class for a whole day everyday and teach!!! Scary! 

I just found this blog post by Love, Teach and it is amazing. It was a letter she wrote to her first year teacher self. It’s such an honest letter of the struggles she had and some specific things she did or didn’t do. I really liked it a lot 🙂 It made me feel okay about doing this whole teaching thing and made me realise that the first day of school and the first year is gonna be hard but it’s all okay. Because as a teacher I can make a difference in kids’ lives. I can teach them things (even if it feels like they’re not learning anything) and eventually I can get the hang of it all. 

So go check out her letter and feel okay about being a teacher!!!