“Nothing pleases people more than to go on thinking what they’ve always thought, and at the same time imagine that they are thinking something new and daring: it combines the advantage of security and the delight of adventure.”

This quote by T.S Elliot really got me thinking about how we educate kids and how we learn. There has been this big push to get ICTs into the classroom and to get teachers to use it to teach but often times we simply play a game on the computer and get straight back to writing everything out with a pen and paper. I have had a prac experience where my teacher was using the new C2C curriculum and ‘using ICTs’ by putting the lesson up on the interactive whiteboard and then getting the kids to write out the maths questions in their books. He was using the new and daring ideas yet going back to his own pedagogy of writing with pens and paper.

I find myself doing this too. I learn about some amazing new websites or lesson ideas at uni but when I’m out on prac I go back to my ideas of how the classroom should be run and how I want to teach.

Hopefully this semester I can practice learning new ideas and implementing them into the classroom.