Think back on one of the frustrations or time-consuming tasks you’ve already undertaken in this course (or elsewhere) with ICTs.

Was it caused by you not understanding the schemata/model of the ICT? What was the difference between your model of what was happening and the model of what was actually happening?


One of my frustrations so far is with creating my blog and the blog posts. I have made a blog before using Blogger not WordPress, which is fine but it took me a while to figure it all out. I knew what I wanted it to do but couldn’t get it to work the same way as the blogger website. My other frustration has been with writing the blog posts and where they appear. I can write them okay but then when I publish them I want them to appear in a particular spot when they don’t. But it’s all okay! It’s a learning experience and I’m sure I’ll figure it all out. And if not, then at least I still can find all my blog posts and read them 🙂